12 Questions with Johanna Long

Our series of weekly NASCAR driver interviews continues with Johanna Long, a 20-year-old Nationwide Series driver who showed flashes of greatness in last September's Richmond race.
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VIDEO: NASCAR Race Hub: Johanna Long

Watch the video and catch up with NASCAR's rising star Johanna Long as she rises through the racing ranks.
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NASCAR Nationwide Series Driver Spotlight

I like anything that has a good beat. I play Pandora a lot so whatever comes on and I like it I just hit thumbs up.
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Johanna Long, NASCAR's Girl Next Door

We spoke with her about keeping up with the male competition, and how guys' automotive ignorance is a major turnoff. She's more sweetheart than badass, but that's OK with us.
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Long paying her dues in NASCAR

At 20, Long has shown solid car control. Unlike many female racers, she is fearless behind the wheel. But for the last three seasons, she has yet to put together a full-time program in NASCAR.
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Johanna Long ready for 2nd season on Nationwide Series

In a pivotal season for future sponsorship and continued opportunities at this high level of motorsports, Long knows she needs to continue proving herself.
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Racing her way out from under Danica’s shadow

The 20-year-old Long has a strong following from avid race fans, many of who resent the media focus on Patrick and believe Patrick is more beauty than racer.
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Johanna Long makes lifestyle changes to be 'race ready'

In her ESPNW blog, Long said she'd been getting "race ready" since the 2012 season ended.
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A ‘Long’ Step – Johanna Builds On 2012

She’ll be back with ML Motorsports this year with plans to run 21 Nationwide races – possibly more if more sponsorship materializes
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Long looks to improve in second Nationwide Series season

Johanna Long garnered a lot of attention this past season, competing in the No. 70 Chevrolet for ML Motorsports.
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Johanna Long just wants to be one of the boys

It’s not hard to like the attitude. The daughter of late model car racer Don Long was taught young not to aim to be a female racer, but a racer. It shows.
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NASCAR Nationwide Series: Johanna Long Exclusive Interview

A few hours after our interview, she put up her career-best qualifying effort, earning the eighth spot on the grid.
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Johanna Long: Please Don't Compare Me To Danica Patrick

What's a question you get asked a lot that you're tired of answering? Um...well, comparisons to Danica. I get a lot of that.
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Female future in NASCAR starts with the young

It’s not about being a female in the sport, it’s about having the dedication and the drive to be a driver. I am a female, but it’s something that I love to do and I’ve never looked at myself just as a female driver.
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